10 Ways to be productive while working from home as a contingent worker

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JUNE 13, 2022

Working from home or in your comfort zone might be difficult when it comes to sustaining productivity and well-being. It is critical to understand and learn how to be productive while working remotely to meet targets and develop an impressive image in the eyes of your clients. We all need a series of strategies that will build an effective remote job culture for ourselves. Here are 10 tips for you to achieve a peak level of productiveness in a simple manner for facilitating a great work-life balance.

1. Create your own space

In your home, set up a separate corner for your work which can create an ambiance of the office with similar kinds of desks, pens, documents, book arrangements, and devices. Choose a place for this workspace that is away from noise and distractions. Pick a space that is far from couches or beds to avoid the temptations of an afternoon slumber. Decorate it with all your work-related stationeries and must-have devices including printers, scanners, and computer accessories. By doing this, you can avoid searching for these things around the home and getting distracted by other things while you are away from work.  

2. Manage co-resident interactions

The presence of co-residents is a significant factor in affecting the productivity of a person. The sounds they create and the unwanted communications with you while working can divert your attention and focus. When you decide to stay at home with family or at a hostel with your friends, it is important to make them aware of your schedule and work culture. This does not only apply to human beings but also your pets. Train them well and allocate specific time with them. If you are an early bird, wake up early before your roommates and start working on your highest priority work. And if you are a night owl, schedule time after everyone’s sleeping. It’s all your choice!

3. Stay away from social media and gadgets

Nowadays, social media is one of the major things that affect everyone’s attention during work. Each notification message can be the triggering one for people to start spending hours on it. Stealing precious hours from work. To avoid the temptation, switch off the notification sounds, log out from all social media accounts from your work laptops, and keep gadgets away from your workspace. Allot a definite time for using social media after work.

4. Take breaks at regular intervals

Don’t forget to take frequent breaks during work for a walk, for your favorite drink, to communicate with family or friends, and other relaxing activities for your mind and body. Use Pomodoro’s time management technique here. This technique recommends taking a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of work, which is also called Pomodoros. And take a long break of 10-15 minutes after 4 Pomodoros. This will continue for the entire working day.

5. Identify active time periods

For every person, their active working time can be different. Hence identify the time duration when you can perform best in your work and plan the top priority tasks accordingly. It will make your work easy and fast. Try to finish other less-priority jobs during the time when you have unescapable distractions in your work environment.

6. Create daily to-do lists and weekly plans

At the beginning of every week, make a weekly plan for the amount of work to be completed by the end of the respective week. Along with weekly plans, create to-do lists for daily workflow which should be framed before start working every day. Don’t forget to include calls to attend and meetings to participate in for that day in your lineups. Research shows that creating a to-do list can calm the mind and enables the brain to think faster without the work mess.

7. Use effective communication tools from clients

A client might introduce you to their communication tools to have discussions on the assignments and projects assigned to you. Keep the notifications turned on and always strive to reply quickly. This can make your presence notable in real-time for clients. Along with your reporting managers, try to connect with other people in your team. It will create a bond and exclude the loneliness you feel during work.

8. Eat and sleep well

Prepare your meals early or once weekly in large quantities if you are staying alone. If you are with your family or friends, allocate time for meal preparation. Include your mealtime in your schedule for a constant interval every day. Don’t reschedule your food timing based on your work. Eating and sleeping are very crucial to maintaining a healthy body and hence a healthy mind.

9. End the work with a positive note

In remote jobs, you will think and feel like you have the entire day to finish your work. But the advisable way to be stress-free is sticking to a tight schedule as if you are in an office. Never try to procrastinate and postpone your work to the end of the day. Conclude the day on an optimistic note by ticking off the tasks on your checklist. Start the next day fresh and more positively!

10.  Dress up nicely, like a boss

Leave your pajamas in your wardrobe before starting work! The effort of putting on work apparel can make you feel like you are at work. It can shift your cozy mood to a working mood instantly. Build a good morning routine for dressing up and other personal care matters. Starting a day well can affect the entire day positively!

The bottom line

Remote works are undeniably a challenge for everyone. But focusing on the ways to eliminate distractions and tips to improve productivity can make it better for you. Master the art of productivity and working with the maximum level of efficiency without affecting your personal life and mental health.

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