An Overview of Google Cloud Professional Certification

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JUNE 6, 2022

Google Cloud Professional Certification demonstrates your expertise and specific skills in Google cloud product design, execution, and management and your ability to transform organizations efficiently. Attaining Google Cloud Professional Certification can give you a breakthrough in your career, with higher remunerations, top company opportunities, advancement in knowledge, cloud industry recognition, and morale to twirl your future as you dream.

What are the basic requirements for Google Cloud Professional certification?

Google Cloud Professional certification is an advanced certification program that analyzes stellar design and implementation skills. One important prerequisite is basic cloud knowledge. Specifically, to appear for the Google Cloud Professional certification exam, candidates should have 3+ years of knowledge of the cloud industry and at least 1 year of experience working with Google Cloud to enroll for the Google Cloud Professional (GCP) certification.

What certifications can you pursue other than the Google Cloud Professional certification exams?

There are two types or levels of Google Cloud certification exams that you may pursue before opting for the professional certification.

  • Foundational: The foundational certification is an essential credential for candidates who intend to attain a beginner’s knowledge of Google Cloud’s products, services, use cases, and skills of the Google Cloud Platform. Though you do not need technical skills for this certification, you must have relevant experience working collaboratively with technical professionals.
  • Associate: This certification validates that candidates own the basic knowledge and skills for the deployment and management of Google Cloud projects. For the associate certification, you need a minimum of six months of experience working on the Google Cloud.

How much does Google Cloud Professional Certification cost?

Google Cloud Professional Certification cost is relatively affordable compared to other IT certifications, and it varies depending on the level of exams. It starts from $99 plus tax for the foundational level and ranges upto US$200 plus tax for the professional level. The associate level exams cost US$125 plus tax.

How much money can you make with a Google Cloud Professional certification?

According to Glassdoor salary insights, the estimated total salary range for a Google Cloud Architect is around US$248K to $408K per annum, including base pay and additional pay. The salary also depends upon your skills and experience along with the job role for which you are selected.

Google Cloud Professional Certification benefits

Google Cloud Professional Certification benefits you with:

  • A digital skill badge that can be showcased on emails and social media accounts
  • Better career opportunities with better salary and benefits
  • Access to Google-led events and conferences
  • Enhanced reach to professionals associated with the Google Cloud-certified community

Google Cloud Professional Certification training

For Google Cloud Professional Certification training, you can utilize Google Cloud Skills Boost and access hands-on labs, earn skill badges and courses, and enjoy expert-led live learning events and training sessions. Beginners can get started with a 30-day no-cost trial on the Google Cloud training platform.

Google Cloud Professional Certification preparation tips

Here are some tips that can help you get started with Google Cloud Professional Certification preparation.

  • Strengthen your Google Cloud project management skills by getting hands-on experience on the platform
  • Go through exam guides for developing questions on relevant topics
  • Explore the example content and sample questions given on the certification pages

What jobs can you get with Google Cloud Professional Certification?

There are several job roles open for candidates with GCP certification in the current market. Listing out the top trending jobs which are booming now!

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Database Engineer BETA
  • Cloud Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Google Workspace Administrator
  • Machine Learning Engineer

How does Denken Solutions accelerate your career after Google Certifications?

Being a long-term trusted partner with leading companies across the USA and Canada and with more than 10 years of experience, Denken Solution presents countless opportunities for candidates seeking contingent staffing roles. If you have already completed the Google Cloud Certification exams and are searching for potential roles related to them, check out our immediate openings here

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