10 ways to keep your contingent workforce productive during work from home

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JULY 8, 2022

The work-from-home culture has surged in every industry of employment in recent days taking the flexibility of the workforce regardless of location and time zones into account. And the vital challenge brought out by this work culture is the uncertainty on the degree of productivity of the labor force. Initially, it seemed to be a brave new hurdle, and later it has been tackled by effective contingent workforce management practices. Many strategies are adopted and successfully implemented by many employers to boost productivity among contingent manpower without compromising their wellbeing and work-life balance. Here we will cover major proactive and practical approaches to corroborate productivity, trust, communication, and enthusiasm of contingent workforce during their remote work.

1. Delineate crystal clear explanations and guidelines

It is highly advisable to give directions to every remote worker regarding the scope of work, deadlines, expectations of the outcome, and strategies to be adopted. This efficient mode of passing on the vital elements of work will avoid confusion and disorderliness in any project implementation.

2. Most advanced tools for work

Invest in advanced and reliable tools to accelerate work procedures and to help your workforce to sort out, analyze, and create reports effortlessly. It can reduce the quantity of manual work involved and they can find more time for shaping innovative ideas regarding the projects.

3. Effective communication strategies

Leverage best communication methods that are driven by technology to build effective communication where work explanations, personal challenges, and urgent requirements can be conveyed between team members. Set up face-to-face meetings apart from texts and emails to have transparent conversations by avoiding the miscommunications that may happen in verbal mode.

4. Supervise consistently

Shape a consistent supervision system with regular intervals and clear agenda. You have to focus on making the workflow clear by asking what have they achieved till now, what tasks they are planning to finish that particular day, and what they are expecting from management to provide for a smooth working procedure. It will give them the confidence to concentrate on an objective-oriented work manner.

5. Steer clear of micromanagement

Studies show that micromanagement can affect contingent workers unfavorably and can be the reason for eroding morale and later lowering productivity. It is important to avoid micromanagement and increase your trust in your employee. Believe in their potential and wait for them to deliver results within a time frame without bothering them unwantedly.

6. Create an emotional bond with the team

Working away from a normal professional ecosystem can create mental stress for a few people as they will be isolated for a long duration of a day. It is proven that emotional stresses and other personal traumas kill productivity. Hence during this time, it is essential to build a solid bond with them to provide steady emotional support and occasionally financial support.

7. Respect their work environment

Playing children, loud neighbors, noisy co-residents, nearby traffic sounds, pets, home appliances, and many other unavoidable domestic distractions will exist while working at home. A dedicated and secluded working space also will not be possible for a few employees. Some employees can reside in a location where internet connection will be slow. Thereupon it is crucial to identify their work environment and be liberal on work timings.  

8. Advice to take regular breaks

Taking quality intervals often from the work is significant to boost productivity while remote work. Encourage your employees to have such short breaks and avoid forcing them to give immediate responses to your emails and texts. Let them relax and find time for relieving work pressure if any.

9. Acknowledge their contributions

Celebrate individual and team milestones, successes, and contributions to recognize their efforts among compeers. This gesture of appreciation will enhance their self-confidence and later helps in improving work efficiency. The productivity and retaining rate of employees is directly interlinked with the appreciation they receive at the workplace.

10. Be flexible

Practice the act of being flexible with your remote work team in giving them the freedom of outlining the work cycles. Let them decide the method of achieving projected goals and forecasted outcomes. Develop a goal-oriented work management system.

The bottomline

Enrooting a smart strategy to manage a contingent workforce will elevate productivity and hence maximize business turnover. But in the process of prioritizing productivity, it is always important to ensure your employees’ wellness and mental health to retain talented contingent workforces with the company for a long tenure or higher returning chances for further projects. Denken Solutions hierarchize screening and provides highly productive teams to every client of ours. Thereupon they are less harried in an effective way of contingent workforce management and find more time to concentrate on streamlining the strategic goals of the company. 

Partner with us for the best contingent resources recognized by Fortune 500 companies and all of our trusted partners. Fast, flexible, and value for your investments!

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