Essential Employee Retention Strategies For Contingent Workers

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FEBRUARY 29, 2024

Contingent workers play integral roles in today’s modern business environment to complement effective workforce planning. Their expertise, skills, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and all other benefits make them uniquely qualified for project success. However, retaining valuable contingent workers for future projects poses unique challenges. With the increasing popularity of the gig economy, employers must be aware of effective employee retention strategies for contingent workers. This article deals with the significant employee retention strategies to cultivate long-term relationships with a talented contingent workforce.

Effective contingent employee retention strategies

Organizations can implement the below-mentioned strategies to foster contingent employee retention. Executing these contingent workforce management practices will ensure you can hire the right talented contingent talent whenever you need them.

1. Clear communication and expectations

Communication and giving clarity over the expectations about project success and goals are significant. Employers should invest in communication channels, technologies, and tools to ensure transparency in communication. Consistent updates on project goals, timelines, milestones, expected KPIs, and all other factors considered to be priorities. Provide crystal clear directions and information regarding the scope of work, deliverables, project metrics, and project mission, to align contingent workers with project implementation. Implementing this strategy will guarantee your contingent workforce is aligned with organizational objectives and team dynamics.

2. Competitive compensation and benefits

In contrast to full-time employees, often contingent workers will not receive employee benefits. This will be a minor reason why many contingent workers feel demotivated at work. As the modern workforce is dynamically changing and more professionals are embracing gig work cultures, it is important to prioritize providing employees with additional benefits and attractive perks. Offer competitive compensation and incentives to attract and retain top contingent talents. Manage to give access to medical benefits, healthcare plans, retirement plans, vacations, food vouchers, and more attractive perks. Also, it is a good initiative to offer professional development opportunities and skill development workshops to enhance job satisfaction and upskilling.

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3. Cultivate a sense of belonging

It is observed that most often contingent workers feel not included in the internal teams. This will cause them to have zero sense of belonging. Employers can implement strategies to blend contingent workers and full-time employees and cultivate a positive work culture for everyone. Invite contingent workers for team meetings, gatherings, training sessions, and more occasions where they can connect with the existing workforce. One of the best ways to offer inclusiveness and connection with permanent employees is to assign mentors and buddies from full-time teams to assist in projects and to understand the business. 

4. Provide opportunities for skill development

Employers need to invest in professional development programs such as training sessions, skill development workshops, certifications, and more innovative opportunities. Contingent workers feel motivated when their employer demonstrates a commitment to their career advancement beyond immediate project requirements. 

5. Recognize and appreciate contributions

Recognizing appreciation always works for every person. No difference for contingent workers also. Acknowledge the valuable contributions of contingent workers in the form of verbal praise, emails, awards, incentives, performance bonuses, etc. Highlight the milestones and achievements publicly to affirm their commitment and importance in the organization. This act of recognition, appreciation, and rewards will lead to continued engagement and may lead to reemployment in the future.

6. Establish long-term relationships

Considering the work history, work ethics, productivity, and skill sets, prioritize continuity in offering repeated assignments to contingent workers. Engage with them for long-term contracts that demonstrate reliability and are aligned with organizational goals. By this, you can build a talent pipeline of trusted contingent workers for future projects. Consequently, this strategy will lead to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

Contingent employee retention benefits

A contingent workforce has become prevalent in modern business and retaining the best talent has so many advantages. Let’s dig deeper into the contingent employee retention benefits. 

1. Enhanced continuity and productivity

Investing in fostering long-term relationships with skilled contingent workers will ensure continuity in the workforce. This will lead to consistency in project execution and productivity levels. By engaging with long-term contingent talents, you can save immensely on the cost and time of hiring and training new talents. Enhanced continuity will allow projects to go live smoothly and deadlines to be met efficiently.

2. Cost savings

Higher turnover rates will cost more for companies through the recruitment process costs. Frequent turnover results in hidden expenses like advertising, screening, and onboarding expenses. By retaining the competitive talent pool, businesses can wipe off such recurring costs and optimize the workforce budget. 

3. Access to specialized skills and expertise

Contingent employees possess specialized skills and experience in addition to the existing workforce. Employers can take advantage of their unique skills to empower existing teams and drive knowledge transfer within the organization.

4. Increased engagement and satisfaction

The initiatives taken for retaining the right talent will make employees feel valued and recognized. They are more likely to remain motivated and committed to delivering exceptional performance. Such investment will result in cultivating positive work environment and enhance overall project success.


In conclusion, the contingent workforce represents a valuable asset for every business in the agile business landscape. Attracting and retaining highly skilled contingent workers requires meticulous implementation of the above-mentioned contingent workforce management strategies. Focus on proactive and effective strategies to ensure you are equipped with top-notch talent for your business growth. 

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