Factors to consider when utilizing contingent workforce

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JUNE 1, 2022

In this era of an independent work culture combined with today’s labor challenges, companies have started adopting a contingent workforce for their company and crucial projects that they manage. In every emergency of immediate staff shortage and influx of work, companies prioritize hiring a contingent workforce for cost-effective and rapid project completions. They found contingent workforce can be easily commissioned to their organization’s processes with little or no prior instructions and training programs where they will frame advanced strategy models to hasten the progression utilizing their broad expertise in every industry.

Effective ways of contingent workforce management

  1. Clear communication of responsibilities

While assigning the major projects to the contract work team, every manager should portray the responsibilities and scope of tasks. Make sure to discuss the expected completion durations and all other project strategies transparently to build awareness about the abstract of work done. It will wipe away all confusions and misalignments in project implementations and hence the company can expect fast results with quality.

  1. Consistent monitoring of work done

Remember to catch up with the workflow of the contingent team regarding the assignments on a regular interval basis. Utilize agile-scrum methodology of project management and emphasize three objectives daily which are, what was achieved yesterday according to plan, what are the tasks to be planned for today, and what are the hurdles that need assistance from the organization level. This method of supervision can help in improving productivity and building an effective bond with contract workers.

  1. Partner closely with the vendor agency

The most advisable way to mitigate the disputes with any contingent worker is to get connected with the staffing agency closely. Pass the note to the point of contact at the vendor agency to manage the issue. Leave it to the vendor agency to take the appropriate corrective actions and preventive actions for better risk management. A strong partnership will create a win-win relationship for both the agency and your company.

Key factors to consider when using a contingent workforce for your company

  1. Salary: The salary quote and calculation will be different between contract workers and full-time workers. Contract workers’ salaries are typically quoted in dollars per hour, eg. $55/hr, and the payment they receive in each payment cycle is based on the hours multiplied by the pay rate quoted in their offer letter. Full-time employees’ salaries are typically quoted in the total payment they will receive annually and the payment calculation is based on the total payment divided by the number of payment cycles the company has.
  2. Training and development: You don’t need to bear any additional expenses for providing advanced training or personal development programs to upskill contract workers, unlike full-time workers. Contract workers will strive to build their own skill sets competitive with all industrial trends themselves.
  3. Broader industry knowledge: Since contingent workers typically work for companies for shorter durations, they can provide insights and strategies within the industries from their various industry experiences to execute a given task or process. This ensures that customers get industry best practices
  4. Hiring process: The hiring method for full-time employees is time taking as various levels of assessments are involved. Since a long-term employment relationship has to be made, every level of evaluation is important. But hiring contract workers can be done within less time as they have been qualified in the area which you are seeking for talent. But once full-time employees get placed, you don’t need to seek candidates unless the position is vacant. Unlike this situation, once the contract ended you will always have to search for eligible candidates. This is one of the challenges for every employer to find the right talent. Denken Solutions has been established to solve this scenario by hiring the right talent for all open positions for employers. You can experience an effortless staffing service for industries like information technology, clerical/admin, and healthcare. Partner with us right now and pick the perfect talent.

Bottom line

As discussed above, it is clear that there are many key factors to be considered to plan a contingent workforce system for your company smartly. From adopting perfect hiring strategies to shaping appropriate contingent workforce management styles, a company needs to focus on investigating all these factors. Sometimes, it can be a hectic task for the organization leaders to devote time and cost to the whole process of deploying a fully-fledged contingent workforce within a tight time. Denken Solutions aids companies in hiring and managing sharply polished contingent workforces prioritizing the requirements and expected quality of projects cited by our clients. We deliver what they expect, and we have proven to provide resources beyond their expectations in every case.

Whether you are looking for talents on a contract basis or full-time basis, Denken Solutions will help you in making it easier. Check here for more details!

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