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Contractual | 24 months | Excel, Word, NPE, CMAA
Hereford, TX, Texas, USA
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Title: Construction Manager
Location: TX - Hereford - Merrick
Duration: 24 months

Job Description: 

  • The CM is the point of contact for overall site construction activities for CapEx projects or one large project using high-level communication to inform engineering and the plant staff of site construction and safety activities.
  • They will also have the technical background to prepare and support EWOs, EVM, and QIS tools that provide input for project cost reports via SAP.
  • CM supports field technical issue resolution, collaborating with clients and contractors to assist in delivering technical as well as non-technical solutions, utilizing their expertise and construction knowledge.
  • The CM shall possess strong leadership, managerial, and communication skills and be able to articulate objectives clearly and concisely with NPE, vendors, contractors, Field Staff, Project Staff, and the Factory Staff. Duties may include preparing, coordinating, and reviewing process equipment and building drawing packages, managing internal, contract, and other resources involved in the pre-design, construction, and engineering and supervising, assigning, scheduling, coordinating, and evaluating contractor work.
  • Reports issues related to schedule, cost, progress, safety, and design directly to Project Engineering Managers, Plant Project Stakeholders, and/or Contractor Managers.

Primary Responsibilities:
Allocation of Time: Executive Function – 25%

  • Manage Financial, Safety, and schedule Key Performance Indicators, then redirect any deviation or propose alternatives to PEM
  • If required, manage various CM (I, II) resources when executing major capital projects
  • In conjunction with PEM, review SAP project details and review and update Microsoft Project, PETPRO, BIM 360, and CXAlloy as required
  • Organized managed and established asset tracking, tagging, and project close-out activities with facility resources to determine depreciation and final cost transfer

Allocation of Time: Sr. Management Function – 25%

  • Track, sign for, maintain, and positively transfer NPE Procured Field Equipment and NPE Assets
  • Maintain a safe, clean, and orderly work site. Safety is the most important responsibility of the Owner’s Field Representative

Allocation of Time: Management Function – 50%

  • The CM is directly accountable for the direct execution, inspection, and Quality Acceptance
  • of the project per relevant specifications, drawings, scope, schedule, and budget.
  • The CM shall be forward-looking. They are directly responsible for coordinating, driving, and maintaining all the schedules within the field and ensuring that all work is being planned no less than 6 weeks out and is completed according to the contract schedule.
  • Schedules include “5 Forward /1 Back” Week Look Ahead, Detailed Gantt, and Milestones
  • The CM will Organize with PEM and Leads and all other project Site Staff to be assigned to a single project
  • The CM will be the Construction Lead for any partial specific project.
  • The CM will directly coordinate with Project Support Staff, vendors, NPE, PEM, contractors, sub-contractors, plant, and suppliers on all matters related to the project.
  • Prepares and maintains Project Specific EWO and CO Documentation for CM processing
  • Manage Field Inputs, RFIs, and Submittals through CX Alloy or available tool
  • Provide daily and weekly reports to the PEM. These reports should include important items, which may affect the project. The plant engineer should be copied on all reports.
  • Conduct weekly planning meetings with the plant engineer or designate, to determine access times for construction activities.
  • A CM will lead the shared FIELD support team which may consist of various on-site supporting project resources (Scheduler, Safety, cost control, expeditor, etc.)

Other Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Provide engineering and construction inspection, construction management, and controls of projects to ensure:
  1. Direct In-Field Verification of Correct Installation and Construction as per Specifications, Codes, Plans, Drawings, and all other relevant project documents
  2. Good quality and workmanship
  3. Safety and sanitation on the project
  4. Proper security, IIG, LOTO, strictly forbidden, machine guarding, and fire protection procedures are followed.
  • Inspects, verifies, validates, and monitors the quality and quantity of material used and reported by vendors.
  • Ensures adequate follow-up on materials and equipment deliveries
  • Ensures proper staffing and project manning of the project
  • Adherence to the project schedules
  • Approve all contractors’ purchases over $1,000 and all subcontracts prior to issue. Ensure competitive bids are received for any work or EWO exceeding $5,000.
  • Review invoices against work completed and approve all contractor’s invoices as to manpower, materials consumed in the construction, and rental equipment, and forward the invoices to the Project Manager for payment.
  • In conjunction with PSR and PM; maintains, reviews, and updates Cost Trackers
  • In conjunction with PSR and PM; maintain, review, and update Schedules
  • Monitors and Reports on project measures and success criteria
  • In conjunction with CM, SM, and the PEM; Update CADA and MOR slides at least once a month or as required
  • Schedule, receive, inspect, plan storage, document, track and maintain accountability of all materials and equipment required for the project
  • Follow the procedures for accepting purchased materials and equipment as to receipt in good condition in the field, prior to storage. Complete the Equipment Discrepancy Report as required.
  • The CM will lead and coordinate vendors, NPE, PEM, contractors, sub-contractors, plant, NPE design, and suppliers on all matters related to the project
  • Along with the Project Safety Representative and PEM, validate means and methods of construction
  • Conducts and keeps Records for all field and project Specific Meetings
  • In conjunction with PEM, Organizes and facilitates Onsite Design Reviews, Pre-Bid, and Site Kickoff Meetings
  • Ensures transmittal tracking of spare parts, drawings, manuals, and ancillary materials, documents, files, and equipment
  • Supports all Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation, and Start-Up Activities
  • Coordinate construction activities with the Field Engineers and or Project Design Team in St. Louis, MO (NPE).
  • All technical questions shall be referred to the respective discipline-filed Engineer and or NPE team member.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • "Zero Defect Program"
  • Inspect all materials, construction, plant, and equipment for conformance with the technical specifications; and Perform all QC tests as required by the technical specifications
  • Examine materials, equipment, and samples to ensure that they conform to approved shop drawings or submittal data, that all materials and/or equipment are on hand, and that all monitoring and measuring equipment is properly calibrated and in proper working condition.
  • Subcontractor's weekly Quality Control Inspection Report - Develop a weekly quality test and inspection schedule using the construction activity forecast as a guide. The schedule shall:
  1. Identify the QA test activities required.
  2. Identify the hold points
  3. Should be distributed to Cm’s and Field Staff
  4. The contractor shall provide a completion day
  • Examine the quality of workmanship and nonconformance Procedures, Report any Corrections
  • Develop and maintain a “punch list” of items that do not conform to the approved plans and specifications
  • Testing of Systems & Warranty Management - During the Warranty Period the CM will provide the mark-ups to the Engineer of Record, who will in turn incorporate the mark-ups and issue the final as-built drawings to Nestle and the CM
  • Post construction Manuals and documentation

Basic Qualifications/Certification (Minimum):

  • Experience managing projects through all phases of construction
  • PMP, PMI, GAC, CCM, CMCI, CMAA or similar
  • OSHA 30
  • CPR Training
  • Fall Protection


  • Minimum of fifteen (15) years of Construction Management related
  • More than 3 years of experience in software applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Cx Alloy, and others)


  • Thoroughly understand and utilize Information Technology. This includes but is not limited to; BIM 360 and BIM Field, File Sharing Systems (SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.), Cx Alloy, PetPro, SAP, MS Windows, Adobe Acrobat, MS Office Suite programs (Word, Excel, Project, Access, One Note, etc.).
  •  Must possess strong decision-making abilities
  • Be able to climb ladders, and stairs and requires daily walking through a construction site
  • Must be able to work independently and possess good interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to handle numerous technical, commercial, and administrative skills
  • A thorough understanding of Project Management, Building Design and Construction, Scheduling, Cost Modeling, and Risk Analysis is required
  • Must be highly articulate, and have a clear and analytical approach to solving problems

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